curator : Constanze Schliebs 史旦珍 co-curator: Dickson Dee李劲松 program produced by Constanze Schliebs and Dickson Dee

Guangzhou 广州

33 Art Center 体育西路101号维多利广场A塔33楼33艺术中心展览厅

9月1日(14:00) – 工作坊(The Necks) 9月1日 (20:00)- 工作坊 Band汇报演出 9月2日 (20:00)- The Necks 9月3日 (20:00)- Julia Hülsmann Trio 9月4日(20:00) – Thomas Borgmann Boom Box 9月5日(20:00) – Michael Jaeger Kerouac

Shenzhen 深圳

一渡堂 idutang 深圳市南山区华侨城创意文化园F3栋

9月2日(21:00)- Michael Jaeger Kerouac 9月3日(21:00)- Thomas Borgmann Boom Box 9月4日(21:00)- Julia Hülsmann Trio

飞马旅 onstage 深圳市南山区学府路软件产业基地海天一路4栋B座一层

9月1日(14:00)- 工作坊(Michael Jaeger Kerouac) 9月1日(21:00)- 工作坊 Band 9月5日(21:00)- The Necks

Lanzhou 兰州

甘肃大剧院 (小剧场) Beibinhe E Rd, Chengguan, Lanzhou, Gansu, China 城关区北滨河东路1号
城市之光Livehouse 兰州东方红广场体育馆西北角2F
硬石CLUB 兰州市城关区酒泉路282号2F

8月31日(15:00) – 工作坊(Heinrich Köbberling/硬石CLUB) 8月31日(20:30) – 工作坊 Band(城市之光Livehouse) 9月1日(15:00) – Julia Hülsmann Trio 9月3日(15:00) – Michael Jaeger Kerouac 9月4日(15:00) – The Necks

Xiamen 厦门

Real Live 厦门思明区大学路沙坡尾60号

9月1日(15:00) – 工作坊(Thomas Borgmann Boom Box) 9月1日(20:30) – 工作坊 Band 9月2日(20:30) – Thomas Borgmann Boom Box 9月4日(20:30) – Michael Jaeger Kerouac 9月5日(14:00) – Julia Hülsmann Trio 9月6日(21:30) – The Necks

partners and sponsors

“Jazz Improvise Meeting Festival (“JIM festival”) is supported by the Australian government, Berlin senate and prohelvetia!

Supporter 项目支持

  • ProHelvetia
  • Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department
  • Australien Foreign Office

Organizer 主办

  • JIM Production / Asia Network & Noise Asia
  • 33艺术中心 33 art center
  • 硬石CLUB
  • 一渡堂 idutang
  • 飞马旅 onstage
  • Real Live

Co-organizer 联合主办

  • TeoiSau Culture (Shenzhen)
  • 三三文化 Three Three Culture (Guangzhou)
  • 甘肃大剧院
  • Aufklang (Berlin)
  • Mocom 墨禅 (Shenzhen)

Our Team 工作团队/制作

  • 策展:Constanze Schliebs 史旦珍
  • 联合策展:Dickson Dee李劲松
  • 节目制作:史旦珍 & 李劲松
  • 文案编辑:邓卓华Iphen Tang @ Noise Asia
  • 平面设计:Edvard Tam,Catherine Lam @ Ampersand Design
  • 网页设计:郑蔚 Zheng Wei @ Cyberdelab
  • 网页管理 : Kitty Dee,Sonia Chan @Noise Asia
  • 音响工程:CowMusic (Guangzhou)

Chris Abrahams

Chris was born in Oamaru, New Zealand but grew up in Sydney, Australia. He became very active in the Sydney jazz scene in the early eighties playing with modern jazz groups including Mark Simmonds’ Freeboppers and The Keys Music Orchestra. With Lloyd Swanton he formed...


爵士三重奏The Necks是澳大利亚最传奇的爵士乐队,他们在欧洲有着相当高的名气,曾经获得ABC古典音乐频道的年度爵士专辑的提名。The Necks倡导实验极简主义的飘忽爵士乐,在看似反复的演奏中在悄无声息的变化。The Necks打破了爵士乐的常规,有时候可能会以一首长达60分钟的即兴作品作为他们现场演出的唯一曲目。英国著名台球大师史蒂夫·戴维斯(Steve Davis)也将The Necks列作心目中的理想乐队。 演出阵容: Chris Abrahams – Piano/钢琴 Tony Buck – Drums/鼓...

Lloyd Swanton

Described by Billboard Magazine as „an outstanding and imaginative Australian bassist and composer“, Lloyd Swanton was born into a large and musical family in Sydney in 1960. His long-running group, The catholics, has released eight albums, all produced and...

Luca Sisera

For a good 10 years, Luca Sisera has beena sought-after bassist in the Swiss jazz and improvisation scene. Musically, he likes tooperate in the charged environment between composition and improvisation. Heis frequently seen on stage at various festivals and jazz clubs...

Vincent Membrez

1979, born and lives in Bienne. Awarded of the Friedl-Wald Stiftung in 2003. Graduated 2005 from the Musikhochschule Luzern. Studied with Chris Wiesendanger, Elena Szirmai, Simon Nabatov, HansFeigenwinter. Attached to a certain ideal of sound, where the musician...

Robert Landfermann

1998 – 2002 Doublebass lessons in Bonn with Gunnar Plümer 2002 – 2007 Jazz-Doublebass in Cologne „Musikhochschule für Musik und Tanz“ 2007 – 2009 special degree „Konzertexamen“ with Prof Dieter Manderscheid since 2011 teaching Jazz doublebass at the Folkwang...

Heinrich Köbberling

– 1988-1994 studies at Hochschule für Musik und Theater with major„Jazz drums“ (Diploma). Classes with Dieter Glawischnig, Wolfgang Schlüter, Adam Nussbaum, Alex Riel, Gerry Brown and more -1994-1996 studies at the New School New York City (Mannes College of Music)...

Michael Jaeger

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, 1976. He studied music pedagogy and performance at the Music Department of the Lucerne Universtiy of applied Sciences and Arts. Graduation with honours in 2004. Studies with Nat Su, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Lauren Newton, Simon Nabatov and Marc...

Julia Hülsmann

Julia Hülsmann was born in Bonn in 1968. Coming from a musical background, she took classical piano lessons from the age of eleven and started her first band aged 16. In 1991, she moved to Berlin to study Jazz Piano at the University of the Arts (HdK) with Walter...

Tony Buck

Born in Sydney in 1962, Tony is regarded as one of Australia’s most creative and adventurous exports, with vast experience across the globe. He has been involved in a highly diverse array of projects. Apart from The Necks, he is probably best known as leader of...

Thomas Borgmann

Borgmann began his career in the early 1980s, working mainly with the Berlin Art Ensemble with Nick Steinhaus (participating in the 1981 South American tour for the Goethe-Institut and the 1982 Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen). He went on to the Sirone Sextet in New...

Akira Ando

Akira Ando was born in Sapporo, Japan in 1955. He lived in New York City from 1984-1998 where he performed and recorded with many masters of contemporary music, such as: Cecil Taylor, Billy Bang, Dennis Charles, William Parker, Jarone Eames, Evelyn Blakey. Lives in...

Willi Kellers

Willi Kellers, born 1951, studied in Münster and Detmold. Theatre work as composer in Bochum, Cologne, Basel, Hamburg and Burgtheater Wien. Many concerts and tours with Peter Brötzmann, Tony Oxley, Frank Wright, Willem Breuker, Albert Mangelsdorff, Peter Kowald, Keith...

汤玛士·伯格曼Boom Box三重奏 Thomas Borgman Boom Box

Thomas Borgmann在80年代初已经活跃于德国爵士音乐场景,同时也参与不同的创作计划,其中最著名的便是与Borah Bergman和Peter Brötzmann两位爵士大师的三重奏Blue Zoo。Boom Box是Thomas Borgmann另外一个三重奏的创作计划,Borgmann一人同时处理三种音色的萨克斯风,本质上是自由爵士,但将其处理得克制、可听,能让人身体随之摇动。 演出阵容: Thomas Bogmann – Tenor Soprano & Sopranino...

ECM仙音爵士女音乐家 朱丽亚·荷斯曼三重奏 Julia Hülsmann Trio

德籍女爵士钢琴家、作家曲Julia Hülsmann成熟美丽的琴音不仅令人印象深刻,她的音色更是独树一格地像是一种接近“禅”的纯白色彩,温暖窝心的琴音线条呈现出女性的细腻之心,清脆利落的音色彷佛仙女般的纯净圣洁。Julia Hülsmann三重奏成立超过十五年,高度的默契与敏锐度令人赞扬。ECM招牌式的温度冷却的钢琴音色,色彩强烈且明确,为听众打造出宛若美丽画作般的立体空间感。自由的即兴思维,透露出成熟女性的魅力风范。 演出阵容: Julia Hülsmann – Piano/钢琴 Robert Landfermann –...

迈克·杰格的凯鲁亚克四重奏 Michael Jaeger KEROUAC

来自苏黎世的爵士萨克斯风演奏家Michael Jaeger领导的凯鲁亚克四重奏(Kerouac)由现时瑞士最活跃的爵士音乐家组成,乐队的名字自然令人联想到著有经典名作《在路上》的垮掉一代作家杰克·凯鲁亚克。乐队自2006年开始组建,其后在瑞士和欧洲各城市的音乐节和爵士乐现场展示具有独特标识性的音乐。Michael Jaeger Kerouac四重奏是2015年中国瑞士建交65周年的文化交流支持艺术单位之一。 演出阵容: Michael Jaeger – Tenor Saxophone、Clarinet/中音萨克斯风、黑管...

汤玛士·伯格曼Boom Box三重奏 Thomas Borgmann

Thomas Borgmann在80年代初已经活跃于德国爵士音乐场景,同时也参与不同的创作计划,其中最著名的便是与Borah Bergman和Peter Brötzmann两位爵士大师的三重奏Blue Zoo。Boom Box是Thomas Borgmann另外一个三重奏的创作计划,Borgmann一人同时处理三种音色的萨克斯风,本质上是自由爵士,但将其处理得克制、可听,能让人身体随之摇动。 演出阵容: Thomas Bogmann – Tenor Soprano & Sopranino...