Music producer, Experimental Turntablists

DJ Illvibe, who is known as Vincent von Schlippenbach, was born in Berlin in 1980 as the son of the freejazz pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach.

When the needle touches the vinyl, it buries itself into the sound, but the groove can no longer be found when the fingers have left greasy traces and the plastic has become unusable when the disc only provides disturbing noises instead of what they do normally - then it has become unusable and is disposed of. DJ Illvibe is not a sentimental disc collector. He uses his vinyl discs, uses them, takes what is in them - he works with them. When Illvibe opens his record case, he finds the whole universe of music. He finds great voices, individual instruments, entire orchestras, kicks, snares and basedrums, or Tibetan overtone singing. As part of the Abstract Hip Hop project Lychee Lassi, he began to use his record players and the accompanying recordings as a musical instrument. Illvibe was more than just the guy at the Wheels of Steel, who put the groove and occasionally contributed a sample. With the possibility to manipulate the tones according to your wishes, to live, directly, to stretch, to cut, to cut and to put together, with the possibility to unlock other musical worlds with only one loop, one beat, one sound, the improvisation sessions succeeded in giving him a new spin, a new direction. If the discs are used correctly, the whole world of music is at your disposal. As long until the discs are broken. Then you need new ones.

DJ Illvibe, who is known as Vincent von Schlippenbach, was born in Berlin in 1980 as the son of the freejazz pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach. Even today he is rooted in the jazz scene and occasionally accompanies him or other freejazz legends at their concerts. At the age of 14, Illvibe, who had learned to play several instruments during his childhood, began to deal with DJ-ing. As a Hip Hop DJ, he learned how to dance the records to his will, but he quickly realized that he wanted to get more out of the black discs than challenging scratching tricks. The long exercise units, in which other turntablists trained their dexterity, were quickly too desolate to him, so he renounced a career as a Battle DJ. He was interested in what was in the discs. As a producer, he discovered the possibilities of sampling and explored them in his numerous musical projects. He also performed with Lok 03, Carlos Bica's AZUL, Tony Buck, Christopher Rumble, and Infinite Livez alongside Lychee Lassi to improvise with them live, while simultaneously starting for his Hip Hop Crew Moabeat and the Berlin Dancehall Collective SEEED to produce the beats. Between 2000 and 2004, he was tour DJ for SEEED before all these different activities were bundled into one project. In 2007, DJ Illvibe, together with David Conen and Dirk Berger, founded The Krauts, a company that has been able to present numerous hit productions as by Miss Platnum, Peter Fox and Marteria. The Krauts are also characterized by the fact that they break the basic structures of urban music such as hip-hop, R & B, blues and soul and combine them with unusual experimental sound pieces. Therefore, Sampling is still the basis of DJ Illvibes work, even if at the end of the work process it is no longer about the individual sound chip. "Sometimes the sample is just an inspiration for a whole song," he says, explaining his approach, "and sometimes the sample is kicked out at the end and we just use what we ourselves have played. "

Still, it is the unusual noises that he is looking for on his records and which form the basis of his musical work. Whether as a producer in the pop universe, as a live DJ in hip hop or free jazz projects, or as creator of abstract soundtracks, which he creates for the transcendent Rap projects of Taktloss and his alter ego Real Geizt, Illvibe is and remains a sound tinkerer. A gold digger for the craziest soundtracks. A manic dis spreader. A vinyl user. A disc jockey.

Vincent von Schlippenbach is DJ Illvibe and the world is a record.