Chat Noir

Michele Cavallari, Daniel Calvi, Luca Fogagnolo, Marco Fox

Michele Cavallari- keys
Daniel Calvi – guitar
Luca Fogagnolo – bass
Marco Fox – drums

Chat Noir is definitely one of the most refreshing forces in the current European new jazz/modern hybrid music movement.
-Igloo Magazine

Chat Noir has has performed original compositions unconfined by any etiquettes of genre. From its origins as an acoustic jazz threesome in 2001, Chat Noir has progressively broadened its vocabulary with the inclusion of electronic textures and sounds. Throughout the evolution of its style, the band has at its core remained devoted to a true collective mindset rather than any leader/sideman structure.

The electronic/ambient music composer and producer Jan Peter Schwalm (Brian Eno, Eivind Aarset) and the guitarist Daniel Calvi (Pony Asteroid) joined the two founding members Michele Cavallari and Luca Fogagnolo for the recording of their sixth studio album "Nine Thoughts For One Word". Chat Noir is now touring to promote the album with a brand new lineup, including Michele Cavallari (keys), Luca Fogangolo (bass), Daniel Calvi (guitar), and Marco Fox (drums).

Grounded in the root of friendship, Chat Noir continues to freely explore the outer limits of what it can be.

Luca Fogagnolo – Bass
Michele Cavallari - Keys
Marco Fox – Drums
Daniel Calvi – Guitar