Michael Jaeger KEROUAC

Michael Jaeeger, Luca Sisera, Vincent Membrez, Lionel Friedli

Michael Jaeeger

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, 1976. He studied music pedagogy and performance at the Music Department of the Lucerne Universtiy of applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland). Graduation with honours in 2004. Studies with Nat Su, Donat Fisch, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Lauren Newton, Simon Nabatov and Marc Turner.

Michael Jaeger is quick to attract attention via the individuality of his improvisation style and his playing concept. He has been active in the Swiss and European jazz scene since 2004. To date, his jazz musicians’ collective Michael Jaeger KEROUAC has released three CDs of Jaeger’s music on the renowned label Intakt Records and has played concerts all over Europe. His tours have also taken him to Egypt and the USA. Since 2009, he has been collaborating with choreographer Yvonne Meier, who lives in New York. Numerous interdisciplinary projects in the fields of dance, theatre, electronics, film and literature. He teaches saxophone and clarinet at the Prova music school in Winterthur, CH.

Collaborations with Tom Rainey, Greg Osby, Urs Leimgruber, Hans Koch, Nat Su, Philipp Schaufelberger, Chris Wiesendanger, Jürg Wikihalder, Flo Stoffner, Bruno Amstad, Christian Weber, Lionel Friedli and many others.

Luca Sisera

For a good 10 years, Luca Sisera has beena sought-after bassist in the Swiss jazz and improvisation scene. Musically, he likes tooperate in the charged environment between composition and improvisation. Heis frequently seen on stage at various festivals and jazz clubs across Europe in well over 100 concerts each year, whereby some tours and concerts have alreadytaken him to Egypt, China and America. To date, he has been involved in over 30 audio releases, often produced in cooperation with Swiss Radio SRF2. Most recently, Luca Sisera has also started working as acomposer for his own quintet “ROOFER”. As interdisciplinary projects have alwaysinterested him, Luca Sisera has also worked with authors, cabaret artists,dancers and visualartists, among others, as well on theatre and film productions.

Collaborations: Michael Jaeger, Yves Theiler, Silvio Cadotsch,VincentMembrez, Norbert Pfammatter, Urs Leimgruber, Sheldon Suter, Dario Sisera,
Franz Hellmüller, Tony Renold, Isa Wiss, Carles Peris,Axel Dörner,Tommy Meier, IrèneSchweizer, Co Streiff, Peter Landis, Greg Osby, Chris Jaeger Brown,Marco von Orelli, Russ Johnson, Kurt Rosenwinkel,Stefan Rusconi, Alex Huber, Flurin Caviezel, Patricia Draeger, Albin Brun, Georges Kazazian,
Guy Bettini, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Gerry Hemingway
and many more

Recognition award from the Axelle and Max Koch Cultural Foundation, for graduation 2005
Cultural award from the Canton of Grisons 2009
Six months as artist in residence, Cairo 2012
Literary grant from the City of Chur 2012
Recognition award from the City of Chur 2013
Grant from the Canton of Grisons

Vincent Membrez

1979, born and lives in Bienne. Awarded of the Friedl-Wald Stiftung in 2003. Graduated 2005 from the Musikhochschule Luzern. Studied with Chris Wiesendanger, Elena Szirmai, Simon Nabatov, HansFeigenwinter.

Attached to a certain ideal of sound, where the musician withdraws to better let the music in the forefront, Vincent Membrez has been striving towards this balance in the many projects in which he is involved. He has developped his own musical language on the piano or his collection of old analog syntethiseurs (minimoog,pro
-one, juno 60), in which spontaneity and energy are the key elements. His versatility and interest for all kind of music, has brought him to collaborate to many projects from acoustic jazz to rock as well as contemporary classical music or free improvisation, throughout Switzerland and Europe. He has been lucky
enough to play with many different reknowned musicians. work with Adrian Pflugshaupt, Samuel Blaser, Bruno Amstad, Nicolas Masson, Urs Leimgruber, Vinz Vonlathen,Béatrice Graf, Theodosii Spassov, Tom Arthurs, Michel Doneda, Philipp Schaufelberger, Joke Lanz, Greg Osby, Pedro Lenz, Matthieu Micheland many others
International touring with different projects.

Lionel Friedli – drum

Lionel Friedli, Schlagzeuger, im Jahr 1975 in der Schweiz geboren, studierte an der Hochschule für Musik Luzern. Sein Interesse an improvisierter, experimenteller und alternativer Musik fuehrte ihn mit großen musikalischen Figuren der Schweizer und internationalen Szene zusammen, u.a. mit Marc Ribot, Fred Frith, Ellery Eskelin, Heiri Känzig, Michel Wintsch, Mathieu Michel, Lucien Dubuis, Franziska Baumann, Hans Koch, Martin Schütz, Michael Zismann, Christy Doran, Christoph Stiefel, Vera Kappeler, Manuel Mengis.

Sein Trommelspiel hat sich durch seine musikalischen Erfahrungen in vielen verschiedenen Gruppen entwickelt, die jeweils mit persönlicher Musik in einem Stil von traditionellem Jazz über Progressiver Rock sowie verschiedene Strukturen/Formen von improvisierter Musik, wo «noise» aus zusaetzliches Ausdrucksmittel benutzt wird.
Durch langes forschen, führte sein Spiel zum musikalischen Mainstream, originell und erkennbar, abgeleitet durch “rhythmische Muster” aus verschiedenen Stroemungen der zeitgenössischen Musik und konkrete Ideen aus der improvisierten Musik entwickelt in Europa und New York.

Lionel Friedli hat an zahlreichen Tourneen in der Schweiz und im Ausland (USA, Europa, Asien, Latein-Amerika, Australien) teilgenommen. Er tritt regelmäßig an den wichtigsten schweizerischen und internationalen Festivals (Willisau, Cully, Jazz d’Or, Winter Jazz Fest, Montreux Jazz Festival, Rom, Bogota) auf. Er erhielt Unterstützung bei zahlreichen Projekten, wie z.Bsp. von der Foundation Pro-Helvetia, insbesondere die “Förderung Priorität für Jazz“. Kürzlich besuchte er Workshops in New York als Teil des “kulturellen Austauschs des Kantons Bern“.

Lionel Friedli, drummer, born in 1975 in Switzerland, studied at the Lucerne School of Music. His interest in improvisation, experimental and alternative music led him along with great musical figures of the Swiss and international scene, including Marc Ribot, Fred Frith, Ellery Eskelin, Heiri Känzig, Michel Wintsch, Mathieu Michel, Lucien Dubuis, Franziska Baumann, Hans Koch, Martin Schütz, Michael Zismann, Christy Doran, Christoph Stiefel, Vera Kappeler, Manuel Mengis.
His drumming has been developed through his musical experiences in many different groups. Respectively with personal music in a style of traditional jazz, progressive rock, and various structures / forms of improvised music, where “noise” is used in supplementary provisions of expression.
Research by holding up his play led to the musical mainstream, original and recognizable, derived by “rhythmic patterns” from various currents of contemporary music and practical ideas from the improvised music developed in Europe and New York.

Lionel Friedli has participated in many tours in Switzerland and abroad (USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia). He performs regularly in major Swiss and International Festivals (Willisau, Cully, Jazz d’Or, Winter Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Rome, Bogota). He received support from a number of projects, such as eg. of the Foundation Pro Helvetia, in particular the “priority funding for jazz.” Recently he attended workshops in New York as part of the program “cultural exchange of the canton Bern.”